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This Indianapolis church is also a clinic for the poor. Now it has even bigger plans.
Indianapolis Star – December 12, 2019

Photos: See the inner workings of Indy’s free student-led health clinic.
Indy Star – December 12, 2019

Student-run clinic provides free services for low-income neighborhood.
Fox 59 – April 29, 2019

Free student-run clinic aims to expand
Current – November 25,2019

Indianapolis Church Reaches Prostitutes, Drug Addicts and Low-Income Families.
Outreach Magazine – January 19, 2017

Books Written about or by NF

Empty Pockets, Open Hearts

By Jim and Debbie Strietelmeier
Empty Pockets, Open Hearts is a story about the troubles of ministering in American poverty. It opens biblical passages with a biblical application. It could easily be used for Bible studies, midweek book studies, Sunday Bible studies, and Bible colleges. It would make a good info textbook for anyone studying urban ministry.

The Neighborhood: Tiptoeing Into Poverty And Finding Hope

by Leslie Alig Collins
The story replays of the author’s experiences after more than four years of interacting with the people in the neighborhood of Tenth and Rural streets. It is generously highlighted with the poignant and humorous anecdotes of Jim Strietelmeier, a gifted storyteller and devoted champion of the poor.

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